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As an arts educator, Tara has taught all ages in musical theatre, audition and showbiz stamina skills, and beginner dance for various studios and regional theatres, including Temple University’s Musical Theatre program. She has directed and/or choreographed junior or abridged editions of musicals and plays for theatre camps, after school programs, churches, and synagogues alike, including abroad in China.


With pro adults, she’s worked as a personal coach and consultant on solo shows, completing a 1 year life coach certification program on full scholarship with an additional song coach training at Goodspeed Opera House. She has also led college audition prep intensives for aspiring MT majors, helping cultivate competitive audition packages for top schools.  Majority of her students have been accepted into a top choice!


Currently in NY and virtually, Tara made a pandemic pivot
in her teaching artistry and now tutors chess, backgammon, and a version of D&D for kids as young as 3 years old.
She has served over 100+ students since 2021.

Learn more about Tara’s tutoring company Chess at 3.


"Tara's choreography is so character driven it truly shines as theater movement and not just choreography. 
She values art education and understands the true value behind live theater.​ I say they had Liza with a Z,
we are blessed to have Tara with a T!!"

- Samuel Antonio Reyes,
Barrymore Award Nominated Choreographer

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