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Tara Tagliaferro

(she/her), Multi-Hyphenate Storyteller

Hey there!

I’m Tara Tag and I’m a globe trotting AEA actor and educator, alliteration addicted writer, gathering specialist, and podcaster living in Queens, NY with my hubs and
way too many books.


This past spring, I had the pleasure of playing Audrey in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS at Arkansas Rep directed by Stephanie Klemons (HAMILTON) and can confirm death by drag queen plant is the only way to go!  


For more on our concept that
SLAYED and production reviews,

Over the summer, my co-host EmKay Shrader and I’s podcast Down the Yellow Brick Pod aka “The NPR of Oz” attended BroadwayCon and the Ozdust Ballroom with fellow Oz Historian gal pal The Oz Vlog as press.  Event recap episode dropping 
mid August! 



In the fall, Down the YBP will be returning to the Land of Oz Theme Park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina Friday, September 15th through Sunday September 17th to host our 1st independently produced Wonderful Wellness of Oz Weekend Retreat including a live performance. 
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At the moment...

You can find me dashing between boroughs teaching chess and backgammon to mini kings and queens of NY, on the front desk team at F45 LIC, sipping coffee with concrete jungle fam, or on my back porch reading. Yes, back porch, you read correctly. This is why everyone should move to Queens!  


Happy to have you here and

thank you for visiting! 

Tara Tag

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