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Tara is the founder of Circlehood, a guided gathering space to practice empathetic sisterhood, unapologetic self care, and slowing the EFF down with other female and femme identifying beings who long for tortoise tempos in an energizer bunny world.

Finding community
in the complexities
that make us whole

The Circlehood has been gathering under new and full moons and on other sacred seasonal days since 2016
and is a 2021 recipient of both the City Artist Corp Grant and Circle Way Grant. Under the Circlehood umbrella,
Tarahas also lead “Seenery” workshops for other institutions/corporations in creating healthier working environments and office culture for employees.

Now after serving over 100+ members nearly weekly through the pandemic via virtual/socially safe healing circles, antiracism, anti-discrimination, and activism programs/events (where Congresswoman AOC once surprised attendees as a special guest), and even an

in-person retreat in the summer of 2021, the Circlehood

is currently on rest with occasional pop up gatherings in NYC parks. Please email to

be included on the circle notification list!

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