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Tara’s Multi Dimsensional Fam:
Creatives who wear many different collaborative + activist hats, offering services that change the artistry + humanity game.

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Kimberly Marable 

Broadway Serves

Caitlin Fahey

Beyond the Script Dramaturgy

Jen Waldman 

Acting Studio

Jasper Grant 

Spiritual + Vocal Coaching

Emily Kay Shrader 

Guitar + Vocal Lessons

Bret Shutford

Broadway Life Coach

Becca Brunelle

Purpose Discovery Work

Carly Valency

Reach Out Party

Lilly Tobin

Cabin Fever Yoga

Jenna Pinchbeck

Photography &

Real Estate

Ambe Williams


Nadia Vynn

Children’s Entertainment

Broadway for Racial Justice

Amara Brady


Kyle Branzel 

Acting + Vocal Coaching

Deonte L. Warren 

Voice Studio

Samantha Joy Pearlman

Voice Studio

Owen Pelesh 

Accompaniment Services

Ari Axelrod

Cabaret Coaching

Lili Torre 

The Dreaded Question Podcast

Mara Jill Herman

NY’s Statera Arts

Regional Coordinator

Bonnie Kelly

Body Rock by BK

Ellis Dawson


Kevin Kulp

Lifestyle Photography

Annabelle Fox

Coffee and Actor Lovers

Alie B Gorrie

Inclusion Consultant

Kristyn Pope

Dance Services

Sheri Sanders 

Rock the Audition

Jenna Pastuszek 

Innovative Voice Studio

Matty Mastronardi 

Vocal Coaching + Musician Services

Mark Price

Alchemy Collective for Meditation

Melissa Robinette 

The Biz of Show

Korra O’Neill

Unstuck Health

Rebbekah Vega Romero

Tarot Readings

Erin William

Erin’s Faces

Dallas Padoven


Andrea Dotto + Brendan Malafonte

Children’s Entertainment

Sara Kleist

Revamp your Resume

My People

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