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I Can't

Read Music!


The journey of I CAN'T READ MUSIC! began in January 2012 as her first crack at creating her own work.  Debuting at the Duplex in New York City, I CAN’T READ MUSIC!  has since become a golden fingerprint of Tara's performance identity, celebrating her vintage spirit and love of laughter and music.  Through the stories and songs of Shirley Temple, Carol Burnett, Betty Hutton, Keely Smith, and Teresa Brewer,  she weaves together chapters of her own life with each heroine spotlighting a specific stepping stone.  


I CAN'T READ MUSIC! has gone on since to be awarded a summer residency with the 1812 Productions Jilline Ringle Solo Performance Program and had its Philadelphia premiere at the Christ Church Neighborhood House Theatre.  


Contact Tara for booking information and stay tuned for future performances.

A love letter celebrating many of Tara's favorite musical comedy starlets whom all coincidentally claimed they could
not read a note.
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Rosemary Loar

With wit, humor and reverence for the women for whom she pays tribute, her physical comedy was delicious and she had the singing chops to match.


Joanna Burns

The spirit from another time. A time when Cole Porter was on the radio, Shirley Temple was on the movie screen, and it was perfectly normal to sing and dance your feelings out.


Jessica Latshaw

She is a storyteller, plain and simple. You can't help but be caught up in the pictures she paints through her songs, anecdotes, jokes, and endearing antics.


Brandon Monokian

She moved seamlessly from personal life stories to song, and although she made sure to give credit to the iconic women who first gave these melodies life, it was as if each song were written specifically for her.


Caroline Leipf

A delightful, well-constructed and eclectic hour of songs, tied together with personal tidbits and Tara's own unique and charming sense of humor. 


Marcy Jellison

Full throttle cabaret...charming, witty, hilarious and touching....joyously entertaining: a modern twist on old fashion musical comedy.

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